Mini USA logoAt MINI USA, we believe in the short-cut, the long-cut and the just-because cut. We believe in test drives that cross state lines, giving people a reason to smile when they see us coming, and the grace of being small and mighty. But, perhaps most importantly, we believe that although the distinctive personality of a MINI may not be important for everyone—a MINI should be within financial reach of anyone that has been smitten by it.

Mini USA logoUNICHIP, a custom-programmable, plug-and-play ECU, allows users to extract maximum performance out of their cars—and their unique engine modifications—using an infinitely-tunable interface. The result of installation and tuning of a Unichip in a given car is a unique calibration that harnesses the power of all aftermarket modifications to an engine, such as cold air intakes and modified headers. Totally re-programmable and custom tunable, the Unichip guarantees car owners maximum performance, while leaving no electronic footprint detectable by an OEM scan.

Mini USA logo
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